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Reportádose Echelon!!!

Estas últimas 2 semanas 30 Seconds To Mars ha estado en Planeta Live y ha recibido aceptación por parte de los oyentes de Planeta 107.7 fm.

Tú tambien puedes apoyar a la banda y pidiendo la canción Kings And Queens, ingresando a su web, yendo a la sección Planeta Live y calificando con 5 Estrellas a la banda.

Agradecemos a los echelon de varios países que nos han ido apoyando por medio del twitter, haciendo RTweet a los mensajes del Echelon Perú para que califiquen a la banda en Planeta107.

Para seguir pidiendo la song Kings And Queens...

Planeta107 Telefono: 4388870 opción 1
Planeta107 web:

Ingresa directo a Planeta Live:

"Top in Rock Awards 2009" - 30STM ganó 6 categorias.

Reportándose Echelon!!!

Un echelon me paso este link hace dos días y pues feliz por otro logro más de la banda, el ante año pasado tambien la banda ganó y pues el 2009 de hecho que ganaría de nuevo con 6 categorias.







Pueden ver los resultados aquí:

Shannon en Batterie Magazine (revista francesa)

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Les traemos otra entrevista, esta vez a Shannon Leto, en una revista revista francesa sobre Bateristas.

Traducción Frances - Ingles

30 seconds to mars : head in the stars

« This is war », the third epic 30 seconds to mars new album has just been released. Usually reluctant to give interviews, the charismatic Shannon Leto could not resist the urge to slip a few words.
Originally from California, 30stm is the project of Jared Leto,who plays guitar and vocals,and his older brother Shannon who plays drums. Formed in 1998, the combo has become an international phenomenon since the success of his second album "A Beautiful Lie" in 2005. The Leto brothers were stopped in the French capital to present the very epic "this is war." The interview takes place on stage at the Elysee Montmartre where Shannon has invited "Batterie magazine" to attend the balance of the combo, just to get to know the new monster Sonor. For the occasion, Jared, a great frequenter of our goals was to run alongside the photoshoot of her brother. Obviously happy to be in Paris: 'I could not wait to get home, I love France! "Shannon has shown kindness to the height of his talent. He quickly announced excitedly that his band will attack at Bercy on March 2010 The year 2010 will be for 30 seconds to mars?

The album "A Beautiful Lie" has been successful around the world. Do you feel some pressure around "this is war"?

No I prefer to leave it aside. I prefer to concentrate on the upcoming events and I am very excited to play again before you all and share new songs with our fans.

Why put all this time to give birth to the new album?

We started writing it two years ago but we wanted to take our time to fulfill all our requirements in terms of sounds. On one piece, it took us 10 days to find the exact sound of drums we were looking with Flood and Steve Lilywhite, who are my favorite producers (it was a dream to work with these guys.)
On the other hand, this album is more raw and sounds more natural than the previous albums. There is one particular song that was recorded live with only one microphone in the room around the piano Jared, Tomo on guitar and me on drums.

Always a Sonor kit?

Yes I chose the SQ2 series (including the concept offers a complete customization of the kit: materials, dimensions, finishes, etc.). So, for the tour, I'm pleased. The company made me a drum made from a combination of maple and birch with 28 folds!For the look, I had the idea to print on the drums the faces of people who have added to the career of 30stm: friends, family, fans. People have sent us photos directly. They are all black and white, and I'm now on some of them. Skin resonance of the bass drum is also printed. It is a way for me to thank all the people who allow the group to exist.

Your kit is impressive and includes many elements.

Yes I have toms of "8" 10 "12" 14 toms and two bass of "16 and" 18 and a big box of 20 * 20 with a double pedal DW 8000. I also have a snare of 14 * 6 and a 12 * 5 All around are arranged with eight electronic feet, with different sounds and programmed on each module connected to a Roland TD-12. Otherwise I have Sabian cymbals, 2 crashes, 2 splashes, 2 chinas, 1 ride, a charley, of course, and chimes. There are many sounds that come to mind and I need to best serve our songs.

Do you remember the day you wanted to be a drummer?

Not really. Jared and I grew up in an artistic environment. We were surrounded by instruments. Our mother listened often Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens. I started very early to play on boxes before having a real kit.

On stage, you're a true show man, you don't spare your drum when you are playing , while placing great subtleties to your charley. What are the drummers that enabled you to forge your identity?

Actually, I grew up listening to all kinds of bands and music. I like many drummers but I have not been influenced by a particular musician. I can not tell you how I created my style. I am self-taught. I never took one drum lessons. All I know is that my game is based on feeling and emotion. I am not an intellectual drummer with a technical approach, But I am certain that the battery is my best field of expression.

Yet there are some relatively perilous rhythmic in 30stm new album,,

I do not know .. everything I play sounds very natural for me. Music is a way of communication, and as I told you, I grew up with since my childhood.

Do you play your instrument during your free time?

Not really. But I played constantly in my head. My mind constantly sends me a new drum patterns, but also music in general, guitar, piano .. a musical pattern actually. Besides, that's why I can not quote you the names of drummers as an influence because I look really music in general. When I hear a band, I'm listening to the drum part obviously but it was the melody that keeps my attention.

Jared is a huge movie star, sometimes you're tired of being asked about your brother?

I does not pay attention to that. This was especially the case when the band began its career, I can understand, since it is very successful as a comedian. But many fans do not know the other activity of Jared.

Are you affected by criticism from your opponents?

Not really. We have fans and there are people who hate us. I won't spend my energy to know why they don't like us. I don't waste my time.

What advice would you give to kids who dream of a career like yours?

Follow your heart, be honest with yourself, take risks and above all keep an open mind!

Fuente: WebTeam30STM

30 Seconds To Mars in Guitare Xtreme Magazine (revista francesa)

Reportándose Echelon!!!

Después de días de vacaciones volvemos con noticias entrevistas y noticias, que capaz algunos ya saben, pero que de todas maneras las tenemos en cuenta en el blog del Echelon Perú.


Traducción Francés-Ingles:

There are some people who dream of becoming movie stars, rock idols or models. And there are those who blessed life, managed to be there all the time like Jared Leto. Successful actor, singer and guitarist of a mega band of rock n 'roll, sex symbol .. The young man has it all. Guitar extreme left to encounter this phenomenon a few weeks before the release of "This Is War".

Organize a meeting with a Hollywood star is not an easy task. Canceled, postponed and then canceled again, the encounter between Jared L. and Guitar Extreme finally takes place within the walls of a palace in Paris, not far from Place Vendome. Jared is not here to talk about movies. The promotion of his new film Mr. Nobody which will be released on January the 13rd had not yet begun at the time of the interview and Jared was taken to a certain degree of confidentiality. Jared wants to talk about guitar, music, to add value as a musician ( the success is obvious after Elysee Montmartre sold out concert on 11/18/2009 30STM is of course being to sold out Bercy in March 2010). He insists on Tomo presence in the interview. But things began badly: a nearby construction site is in full swing and the sound of other cranes and jackhammers is not the taste of our host. Irritated, he did a little fancy and asked to the receptionist to stop this racket. We asked, however, to ask our first question.

Jared, why did you choice to play guitar?

Jared: My mother had a folk guitar, Some people came at home : foreigners, vagabonds, gypsies to play guitar, They all knew something. During my childhood there has always been the presence of a guitar. I think it was a Taylor. I started to compose my first songs with in total self-taught, I watched how others placed their hands on the handle. I lived in Washington DC at the time and I had the misfortune to lend it to a guy who I had never done. I wonder if it was not Dave Grohl. He lived in the same neighborhood as me ..

Dave Grohl altogether!

Tomo: I think he is being to bamboozle

Jared: it's true that Dave is not otherwise it would be easy to go and recover. But if oneday I fall on the bastard who stole my itch, I kill him! So as I said, I learned guitar by myself. Today it is part of me.

And you tomo?

Me my story is different since I started the violin. I was destined to become a classical musician. I decided to quit the conservatory to become a guitarist when I discovered Pantera, I will regret all my life not to have met Dimebag Darrell. The night he died, I went out to see friends play in a club in hollywood. On leaving, I saw all these kids crying on the sidewalk. I asked if something happened , they said: "dimebag is dead!"
I could not believe it (at that time the situation becomes surreal, the receptionist comes back and mumbles "Mr. Leto, just to tell you that we were unable to stop the construction, we are sorry .. Jared shot the girl's eyes and screaming in French "damn" and bursts of laughter before adding "this will not worry, the French people are so nice!" it is time to put our discussion)

And you jared are you a fan of metal?

I listen to good metal. The old albums of Iron Maiden are fantastic. Judas Priest also done good things. I really like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin of course. I was lucky to see them in concert when I was a child. But I have rather followed the progressive movement Rush, Genesis and Yes. But strangely I never wanted to take music from my favorite bands. I reserve the guitar for my personal expression.

So do you always create the song with a guitar?

Yes, any guitar. For "This Is War" I borrowed the red fender jazz master of Tomo. A marvel from 1964. I wrote "vox populi" with it. This guitar belongs to Steve Jones of Sex Pistols. She has inspired me. I never wrote such a thing on another guitar.

Let's talk about your hardware ...

Jared : I try to stay as simple as possible. My big basic sound I have created it by recording the first album. I am always pulled for my love for classic beautiful rock sounds and my attraction for the experimental and barred sounds,

Tomo: We designed the guitars three times to achieve perfection. This work was exhausting and alienating to try all those different microphones and amplifiers. But the game was worth it. The textures of guitars on « this is war » is to fall down.

Which amps do you use?

Jared: We always come back to the same references. The Vox AC30 is unbeatable for clean sounds, The Marshall JMP and JCM900 crunch by tearing, and mesa boogie / triple rectifier is a dream for the big sound.

Tomo: we tried other things like the divide by 13, but for our style, it doesn't work. In live, in addition to my Triple rectiifer, I have a buddah for clean sounds. It is great but it lacks a little something for the studio.

Jared, how looks like your rig on stage?

I have a Vox AC30 standard, and a Mesa Boogie / triple rectifier,one of the first. For big dsitorted sound, I mix the mesa with another gear that I don't reveal the name. It's a little discovery that I keep to myself. Otherwise, I only need 2 Boss pedals : a chorus and a delay dirty.

Tomo: We love connect our pedals directly to the entries in our heads. The mouths of effects tend to smooth their record too. Personally, I have a huge floarboard with a score of pedals. I need at least all of them create all the textures of our album on stage.

Jared: We have many vintage pedals but we used it only in the studio. It's frightening to see the price of these antiques. I bought my old Univox Super Fuzz, 10 years ago for that slab. The other day I went to vintage gear, a shop on Sunset Boulevard and now we must spend at least $ 500 to have one.

Jared being an actor helps you to make the show, and communicate with people?

Not the acting profession is very technical., We need to fetch buried emotions deep inside yourself. and use it to succeed in slipping into the skin of another character. On stage with 30stm, I project an exaggerated version of what I am in real life but I am myself.

Fuente: WebTeam30STM

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ECHELON PERÚ presente en Chat con 30 Seconds To Mars [Pre-Orden This is War]

Reportándose echelon!!!

Nos agrada comunicarles que algunos echelon han estado presentes en el chat de la Pre-Orden de This Is War [el que compro el disco por la web de la banda, podía estár en un chat privado con ellos], donde la banda ha estado leyendo los mensajes que les mandaban los echelon al rededor del mundo.

En una parte del chat la banda empezó a mencionar los países que estaban presentes, y ya al final pronunciaron a Perú, bueno, Jared menciono a Perú y eso nos dio gusto.

Este video es gracias a Merry, una de las echelon que estuvo presente en el chat.

Echelon Perú en Chat The Hive

El 8 de Diciembre hubo un chat entre los echelon y al mismo tiempo se pudo ver al equipo de The Hive en el local, de paso los chicos nos saludaron.

Nos hicieron el favor de escribir lo que les pediamos, en la pared de The Hive, varios echelon latinos estaban presentes mandando sus mensajes.

Echelon Perú estuvo presente y logró que pongan el mensaje de parte de todos los peruanos, en esa misma fecha la banda habia ido al local de The Hive y esparamos que hayan visto los nuevos mensajes que se escribieron ese día.

"This is War", lo nuevo de 30STM en "La Lanzadera" de Planeta 107.7

Reportándose Echelon!!!!

Y Planeta sigue dando noticias de la banda, no sé que presiento que si o si entra 'Kings And Queens' a la programación de la radio 8) .

Esta vez en la sección de "La Lanzadera", han puesto a This Is War como nuevo álbum y claro a otros más que tambien se han lanzado pero en primer lugar figuramos nosotros!! asi que a votar se ha dicho, come on echelon!!! tenemos que hacer notar que a varios peruanos si les interesa 30 Seconds To Mars!!!

Tweet de @Planeta107